Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 1.0

Relive all of the great historical battles as you take on the enemy from your computer

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    Windows Vista / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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Called the "Totally Accurate Battle Simulator" or T.A.B.S, it would've been nice if the developers had come up with a more creative name. Obviously it's a simulator because it's a video game. Perhaps that's a personal opinion. Anyway, you play in a game with a series of battles where you stage a war between both red and blue armies. Many times these battles have hilarious consequences. In fact, the different battle scenes give you a chance to see history throughout the ages, and you can control the arm waving and the soldiers weaving throughout the battle to fight to the death.

Ultimate Battle of the Ages

What separates T.A.B.S from the rest is how the focus has been placed on realistic battleground mechanics over detailed graphics. In fact, the graphics look terrible, and you can tell not a lot of work was done on this end of the game. Many of history's greatest battles get presented in this game, and anyone who has a passionate interest in history will love how it goes down on the battlefield. At least up to an extent, this is one of the more realistic battleground games. You will spend a lengthy investment in choosing the right units for combat, and you will decide on the most strategically advantageous place to put them. Even before the battle begins, the units will start to wreak havoc.

Chicken Man Comes to Town

Despite being a realistic game in terms of combat, plenty of downright hilarious touches have been added. For example, at some point during the battle, the chicken man enters the field of glory for no reason other than he felt like being there. T.A.B.S never takes itself too seriously, but at times, this feels in conflict with the realistic fighting. People who want to recreate and engage in historic battle scenes will have hours spent in the computer chair and planning out their next battle. The problem is how the graphics look terrible, and at times, the controls feel clunky to maneuver around with.

The Gameplay

About 10 minutes into the gameplay, you start to realize how this combat simulator might not be totally accurate. The tactical conflict happens with somewhat of a comedic twist. Your soldiers will careen around the battleground with googly eye, stabbing and tripping over everything in sight. It can be some of the most fun you will ever have with medieval troops bashing each others' skulls in. You might shoot lots of arrows out front and use soldiers from the back to shoot them with musket balls. That's the smart use of combat with your troops. This game can be a fun time in sandbox mode where you build armies of different compositions and set them to war.


  • Great sense of humor in the game.
  • The battle mechanics are realistic.
  • A lot of fun to watch these medieval battles unfold.


  • The style leaves a lot to be desired.

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